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The Future of Semiconductors

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Autonomous, self-sustaining, environmentally controlled, facility!

The future buildings have their own power source.

There are many problems that need to be solved when it comes to semiconductors. Water is the biggest one. If you don't have that solved then what are you doing?

Semiconductors do not just need water they need the purest water. Right now the big companies are building fabs in the desert. Why? Because they lack imagination and problem solving skills. Where there needs to be a fab is by a water source and the most abundant water source is the ocean. That is why the Texas gulf needs a fab or at least a desalination plant that can produce the needed supply of water.

Other problems

Power is a problem. A fab takes an incredible amount of energy. Where is that energy coming from? Well, Texas has thermal fishers that can create geothermal energy to power a plant. What else can you do with that energy? You can create a facility that also does crypto mining to off set down turns that are inevitable in the semiconductor industry.

Monopoly in chip manufacturing equipment. Only one company produces the technology for manufacturing semiconductor equipment. They supply that equipment on backorder. Unless a company invests in developing manufacturing equipment then they will hit a wall.

What will chips be used for? If a company is not looking toward the future and developing market fit products then chips they are producing will not be needed soon.

Chips can't be touched. Companies need to find new ways for semiconductors not to be handled by humans.

This semiconductor company endeavors to solve these problems with a full all encompassing plan.

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