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Gaming N Chill

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Failure doesn't mean game over it means try again with experience!

Gaming is a great industry that will only increase as time goes on. We believe that games make us better and give us more joy as time goes on. You learn a lot of lessons when you game and that is a good thing. We want to provide you all the necessary tools and merch that will help you enjoy gaming and become the best at this past time.

My Experience

I was logging on to my game of choice and accepted the invite of my girlfriend because we were going to do this together. We often learn communication and how to work together by playing this game online. She will get frustrated after a couple of games because we don't always win but when we do a moment of joy is shared and I feel closer with her immediately.

When we don't win I enjoy making up with her because it is usually something I did. Yes, she is actually better than me and I am just trying to not mess up. All in all it is nice to share something together that has so many different aspect to it and opportunities for us to grow.

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