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Paloma Living Creations

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Art for the Home

Our Artist loves to create living art for this kind of space.

Art should be alive and should move you.

My creations create joy and are alive. That is the most wonderful thing, that art can live. -Silvia

This artist had a dream to crate a business that she could be proud of and make things come alive. She found items all over that spoke to her. She with moved with her deep faith that she could make a business by taking these items and repurpose them into something beautiful that people would want. It has been a journey but each time she takes something that someone doesn't want and creates with it a great joy takes over her.

How it happens

I like to take items that are boring and make them live. Maybe the item has had its life used and may not seem to create joy anymore. I will take that item and recrate it for a new life. Many of my art are simple things that you may not find beauty in but now I will bring the beauty to it once again.

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