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Lighten UP with Mikayla

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

She has overcome a lot! She is strong and positive! She has dealt with depression and anxiety. She has found a way to move forward and fight for life.

Influencer? No one is going to care about my life but you go for it. -Mikayla

She says that she has bad genes. She was diagnosed with cancer and spiraled into depression but found a way out. It might not be the most inspiring but it is honest to who she is and though this journey she will learn even better ways of being and doing.

This is a project that tracks her journey from unhealthy to healthy. We are confident that she will beat cancer and she is in the process of loosing weight. She under went life changing surgery. It was gastral bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery refers to a technique in which the stomach is divided into a small upper pouch and a much larger lower "remnant" pouch and then the small intestine is rearranged to connect to both. In the first two weeks she has lost close to 30lbs and this is just the beginning.

Yea, change in environment helped. But there ware so many factors. When I was depressed bad last time I had moved which helped. I met a great guy which helped. I don't know I don't think it ever went away but I just learned to live with it.The reasons I was depressed changed, faded or I just got numb to it. Now I can't tell if I am really depressed or if it's just my hormones out of wack. I try to keep it to myself most of the time, instead of pushing people away. I would rather do what I am doing then lie to myself everyday. I am the only person I fully trust. I am not going to ruin that. -Mikayla
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