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Biosphere Ultra Inc.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The new normal!

Will it happen in ten years? Will it happen in a hundred years? We are coming closer and closer to merging with machines. It is only a matter of time till we all are part machine. - Daniel Ayerzon

Space the new frontier.

The point is that you won't feel that you are covered in a mechanized suit. With VR and AR you will feel nothing at all but the wind at your feet.

As we go to explore our universe we will need to meet the environment. As our planet deteriorates we will need to meet the environment. As we develop more inhospitable locations we will need to meet the environment.

Let's talk Space

We will be attempting to visit Mars soon. To do that we need to be able to survive mars. That means space suits. Do you think the suits we have now people will be able to be in them for forty hours a week? I don't think so. The answer is suits that you don't realize that you are in.

The Mercedes Bens of Space

Space suits are already like a mini spaceship but around you.The obvious next step is luxury space suits.

I imagine a space suit that can trick the mind that you are not wearing one. We can trick the mind that you are taking a shower or eating what ever food you desire. This is all without plugging into your brain like the Matrix. We will simply be able to crate a biosphere around ourselves to explore anywhere we want and in safety. One of the other big problems is isolation, so what if we can also interact with others in the biosphere? Interact where they are also convinced they are not wearing a suit and we are in the same room.

This is the company of the next generation space suits!

We will create the next generation space suits and we will be the leader in providing the tools to explore outside our planet. We have the technology, we just need the vision to build it and that is what our start up is all about.

BioSphere Ultra the sci-fi novel pending 2022.

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