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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Capitalism is struggling and we can do better!

"We think of capitalism as being locked in an ideological battle with socialism, but we never really saw that capitalism might be defeated by its own child — technology." - Eric Weinstein

A new way!

I love capitalism! The idea of capitalism is that if you want to do something you love? Then find a way to sell it and you will be able to do that thing the rest of your life. The main thing is, this means anything is possible. -Daniel Ayerzon

Every day a new threat is on the horizon for our planet and for our society. The reoccurring theme is that corporations in the pursuit of profits keep destroying and consuming everything. We may not have a planet they way this is going. Also the exploit of workers occurs almost on a regular basis to maximize profits or companies automate jobs away.

The System is the System

All the incentives are geared toward money. We are an ends justify the means society. If money is made then any way that it is attained it is justified. It is rare that corporations face consequences because of the lobbyists that corporations use to influence the laws that are enforced for them. Most of the time bills that lawmakers present have been actually been written by the lobbyists themselves. We know because sometimes the forget to take off their header on documents.

We have examples like Purdue Pharma with the opioid crisis. Boeing Max 737 were the company was regulating themselves to the detriment of killing a whole flight of people with Ethiopian airlines flight 302. Maybe the most egregious violation was DuPont knowingly positioning the whole world with Teflon chemicals that immediately killed people neighboring their facility but denying fault for decades.

The Answer

A systematic solution to a systematic problem

The government is suppose to step in and be the voice of the people. The government is suppose to represent the people. There are many people that are trying to reform how government works but they are barking up the wrong tree. We are not going to fix something changing the system that is in place we are only going to make the necessary fixes if we win the system that we have. The way to do that is to win capitalism for the people. With capitalism you can start any organization or any business to solve a problem as long as it makes money. That is why you can have a nonprofit organization or profit organization but it does have to make money. If you can make money you win and you can fix any problem with that win. People are trying to fix government but how can they when money rules the system. The only way to fix it is to have an entity that is like a white blood cell that eats the virus that is causing the pain. That is what AJF is designed to do.

No profit here

The organization does not make profits but it does make money. It makes money that is distributed back into a decentralized work force. A workforce that can regulate itself only because it doesn't have a centralized leader that is unchecked. By having checks an balances it is a new way of democracy that can regulate the system. Think of it as the vaccine for corruption. It can find the virus of corruption and take it down the way the system was designed by competing in the free market and bankrupting corrupt companies where ever they are found. Satori Business Management is a key component to that plan because it can have profits but not without the regulation of AJF.

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